On Models of the Genetic Code generated by BDAs

Markus Gumbel

Institute for Medical Informatics
University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim, Germany

This talk introduces the concept for a model of the genetic code based on binary dichotomic algorithms (BDAs). A BDA divides the 64 codons into two halves of size 32 and is a generalization of known partitions like Rumer. We investigate what partitions (called classes) can be generated when a set of different BDAs is applied as a whole. Those models are able to generate code tables with very different number of classes. A direct mapping of the classes to amino acids is not possible but there are models that map a class uniquely to a codon even when known partitions like Rumer, Parity and Complementary are included. We believe that this approach is useful for a mathematical analysis of the genetic code and speculate that BDAs are used at the decoding center of the ribosome.