Structure and dynamics of emergent molecular biological coding

Peter R Wills

Department of Physics, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142, New Zealand

Information in DNA can only be regarded as an executable codescript relative to an operational biochemical machine that interprets it as such. The origin of life can be described as a bootstrap process involving the simultaneous accumulation of genetic information and the generation of a machine that interprets it as instructions for its own construction. This problem will is discussed within the theoretical frameworks of thermodynamics, informatics and self-reproducing automata, paying special attention to the physico-chemical origin of genetic coding and the conditions, both thermodynamic and informatic, which a system must fulfil in order for it to sustain semiosis. The core structures of the AARS enzymes will be presented as a palimpsest of a primordial binary coding system associated with the very first genetic sequence.